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Message from the Company President

Ever since it was established in May of 1999, our company has dealt in the supplements, cosmetics, and medical equipment that we ourselves have developed. We firmly believe in providing the best products that uphold our customer's high expectations. This is why we consider it our responsibility to develop world-leading products.

It's also why we absolutely cannot leave product development up to our competitors. We are committed to using the entirety of our knowledge to create products that we can believe in 100%. If we didn't, there would be no reason for our company to exist.

The fact that a person cannot survive alone is always on our minds. Day in and day out, isn't it the well-being of our families and the friends who surround us that bring us a sense of joy? It's a sad thought to consider living in good health while those around you do not.

That's why we are always striving to further our research: to support not only your health, but that of the important people who surround you.

To help you live a life that is always filled with your passions, and overflowing with happiness.

Management Philosophy

"Peace of Mind" "Trust" "Value" When these three things are brought together, we can impress anyone.

It is our desire to "give everyone a true sense of beauty and good health". We see to it that every one of our products embodies this idea.

  • 1.Peace of Mind

    The products we provide are "the highest quality products to bring you peace of mind". We make them carefully and accurately, using the right materials in the right work space. And to make sure that our products will continue to bring you peace of mind, we adhere to a strict standard of quality control.

  • 2.Trust

    Making sure that our products as well as our service are satisfactory is the responsibility of everyone on our staff. We want your experience with both our hardware and our software systems to make you glad that you have shopped with us.

  • 3.Value

    We have a system in place to make sure you want to keep coming back. Just take a look at the balance of cost and content in the quality of our products and ingredients. You're sure to notice how good the cost/performance ratio is.

Company Information

Company Name PURE MEDICAL Co.,Ltd.
Managing Director Hirohiko Kato
Main Office Noa Mita 4-4-17 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073
Development Dept 3F MBC 5-27-3 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014
TEL : 03-5418-7071 / FAX : 03-3452-8676
Established May 28, 1999
Capital stock ¥43,461,000
Type of Business Research, development, and import of health foods and cosmetics

Product Line Up

  • Whitex (Granules)

    WHITEX (Granules)

    Designation :
    Powdered eggshell membrane, extract of placenta, processed foodstuff containing hyaluronic acid
  • Whitex (Tablets)

    WHITEX (Tablets)

    Designation :
    Powdered eggshell membrane, extract of placenta, processed foodstuff containing hyaluronic acid
  • Bravie Bust Cream

    Bravie Bust Cream

    Designation :
    Cream to be used on the bust
  • Bravie Body Milk

    Bravie Body Milk

    Designation :
    Milk to be used on the body
  • Bravie Face Cream

    Bravie Face Cream

    Designation :
    Facial cream
  • Nuk71


    Designation :
    Headskin lotion
  • Bravie Delicate Cream

    Bravie Delicate Cream

    Designation :
    Delicate Cream
  • Bravie Concealer 24

    Bravie Concealer 24

    Designation :
  • Bravie Concealer 68

    Bravie Concealer 68

    Designation :
  • Sanpos


    Designation :
    Processed foodstuff containing glucosamine
  • Momimer


    Medical Device Division :
    Managed Medical Care Device


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